Continuo Base

Base coat for Microcement.

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Continuo Deco is a cement-based, powdered anti-crack coating with resins for our micro cement systems, such as the Beton cire kit or the Microcement wall kit.

Continuo Deco enables you to create a solid and flexible base under decorative microcement to ensure that it not only looks great, but also, lasts. Before applying this plaster, if the substrate is absorptive apply Atomo, if it’s not then Pro Link as a primer.

With one 25KG bag you can cover 10 square metres (with a 12.5 kg bag you can cover 5) on a mostly smooth, even surface. We introduced this base coat as a separate product to ensure that if the surface is slightly imperfect or you would like to create a thicker coating you can use additional bags.


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