Universal Primer

Smooth primer for interior finishes.

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This water-based smooth quartz primer,  EPIC Fondo Universal Primer is a high-quality wall preparation product (It.: fondothat ensures the optimum adhesion, durability and look of Italian finishes like Venetian polished plasters, Italian designer paints or metallic finishes. This water-based primer with micronized quartz sand has excellent coverage, opacity and virtually no smell.

The Universal Primer creates a film that can resist the alkalinity of plasters, enables even drying and proper bonding. Can be used on old walls or freshly painted or plastered surfaces; to eliminate chalking and/or stabilize the surface a special surface stabilizer product should be used before.

Quartz primers of this quality reduce or eliminate bubbling and can create a bonding coat even with non-absorptive surfaces like metal or glass or highly absorptive such as wood.

Before use, it should be diluted with 1:3 with water (3dl or a half pint of water per litre of primer).




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