Microcement Bright Colours Mood Board Set


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With developing Market trends, Impera Italia is proud to introduce a fresh new range of additional bright colours!

With this hand-applied Microcement Mood Board Set you will now have access to 10 exciting bright colours from our ‘Colours of London’s Borough’ range. The microcement coatings have been applied by our expert technicians on 2 coats to show you the colours and nature of this plaster.

You don’t need boring and inaccurate colour charts anymore! Our microcement samples will help you not only to choose the right colour, but as they all have been coated with the correct resins they will actually show you the look and colour of the real finish. One-half of the samples feature matt, the other half a satin protector.

You will receive the sample boards as a set, boxed and labelled to make sure you will be able to reference them. Please be aware that the full hardness can not be achieved on small mood boards and also, just like stone and wood (or even softer metals), it can be scratched and marked with metal (eg cutlery). Although it does not show the anti-crack coating, please don’t worry, you will have good colour and finish accuracy!

Our mood boards are made to order trade items and are non-returnable. Custom colours are available, please contact us for further details!

If you’d like to test the quality of our microcement check out our Microcement Sample kit you will be able to cover roughly 0.5msq. If you’d like to see the design you can achieve with microcement, visit our projects and materials page!

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