Unifix Fine Primer

Extra-strong bond interior-exterior primer with grain

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Unifix Fine Primer is the ideal base coat or primer for interior and exterior surfaces which will be decorated with lime-based Venetian plasters like our Marmorino FinoTravertino or Travertino grosso. This primer with extra-strong bonding power is a water-based, eco-friendly coating containing high-quality resins and can be put on top of synthetic paints, silicate or other mineral coatings, emulsions, plasterboard, skim plaster or standard multi finish.

This primer for Venetian plasters and Marmorino has added quartz crystals for enhanced grip and bonding. This primer comes in a pure white base, with outstanding opacity and coverage.

Unifix Fine can only be used with lime-based finishes and not with acrylic, siloxane or silicate-based plasters.

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