Gimcyn Luxury

Textured pearly metallic paint for feature wall.

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SKU: 8317889839420-gimcyn-luxury Category: Tag:


Gimcyn Luxury is a new and improved textured feature wall paint with iridescent shimmer that can create stunning walls that you, your loved ones or your clients will fall in love with. Depending on the application Gimcyn Luxury can produce a variety of different looks, from a shimmer with almost no texture to a heavy ‘3D’ effect or from very light and colourful walls to dark walls.

This stunning paint is an easy-to-apply and cost-effective alternative to wallpapers, panels and cladding and creates a durable, repairable finish. We recommend Gimcyn Luxury to those who want the very best for their projects as it comes with a pre-coloured primer for maximum opacity.

Please remember that if you want to apply Gimcyn Luxury on a dusty, chalky or highly porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before Gimcyn Luxury Primer) This will help to consolidate the surface!

Before placing an order it is strongly recommended to order a sample pot or Gimcyn Luxury colour chart as colours, depending on the lighting and interiors, may significantly change. Impera Italia’s Gimcyn Luxury paint comes as a bundle, with the right amount of Gimcyn primer to cover 5 square metres per unit.

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Petalite, Periwinkle, Diamond, Peral White, Tigerseye, Andalusite, Lemon Quartz, Axinite, Lodolite, Serpentine, Green Amethyst, Aquamarine, Victoria's Colour, Moissante, Grey Pearl, Mookaite, Rose Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian