Sponges for Decorative Finishes

For application of colour washes, metallic effects and paints.

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These sponges can be used to create special effects with paints and metallic paints on various Venetian plaster or decorative surfaces.

The natural sponge is a touch rougher, great for washes and special effects and leaves a distinctive mark. The orange rubber sponge is a touch softer and heavier, but is more durable, the polyester tobacco sponge is lighter and more firm, the yellow half-moon sponge is very fine and light.

With these sponges you can create stunning metallic, iridescent or traditional colour washes on Venetian plasters like our Travertino and Marmorino and do feature walls with our paints from the Gimcyn range.


Impera Italia’s Advice

Each sponge from our range absorbs liquids differently, leaves a different effect and is suitable for various finishes, each has it’s place for a certain purpose in a specialist’s or DIY enthusiast’s toolbox.



Natural (sea) sponges are actually a genera of the division of poriferans and are collected for human use around the Mediterranean.

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