Powder Pigments

Pigments for Lime powder based plaster and paints.

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Impera Italia is introducing These pigments are made of natural earth-based resources and oxides and are not only highly concentrated but you can also use them with our Impera Italia range of lime powder-based plasters (Cementino, Marmoretto, and Lime Concrete ), and paint (Concrete paint).

These pigments come from naturally occurring minerals through different working processes (crushed, mulled by hammer or ball mills).

Although we recommend that you choose the colour of the paint or plaster directly on the respective page as we can not predict how they’ll change the colour of the finish, you can be sure that these pigments have extremely high colouring power and can be used for any product offered by Impera Italia.

The colour resistance of these pigments is either significantly above average or excellent due to the fact that they are earth and oxide-based, natural colourants.

Please note that powder pigments are designed to be used with powdered paints and plasters only. Make sure that once pigments are added to the material, they are mixed thoroughly. Once this is done, you can add the relevant amount of water needed to the mix.


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