Lime Concrete

Decorative lime powder for concrete like decor.

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Lime Concrete

A Powder mixture made of natural lime, hydraulic binders, and marble fillers will enable you to achieve a concrete look effect. It is a decorative lime powder developed for interiors that can be applied with one, or two coats depending on the concrete effect you would like to create. Lime Concrete comes in a light grey base which will enable you to create a concrete imitation.

If you want to achieve a washed effect, we recommend using Calce colour wash.

Lime Concrete should be applied using a Stainless Steel Trowel.

It is made from an hydraulic base, meaning that it begins to harden after contact with water. For this reason, the best workability of the material is achieved in the first 90 minutes after the product is prepared for use. (This can vary depending on the environment, i.e temperature or humidity).

If you wish to add an extra layer of protection, you can apply our Wax d’Arte (Natural Beeswax).




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