Venetian plaster with coloured grains.

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Puntinato is a decorative plaster with mineral binders that allows you to create various detailed, stone-like decorative effects in a variety of textures or a smooth ‘Marmorino’ look. This lime-based decorative plaster is enriched with marble grains of various colours, and these little “dots” (‘puntino’ in Italian) give any feature a natural, organic look.

With Puntinato you will chose one of the traditional Italian wall finishes that you can still see in palazzos and other high-end properties.

Puntinato A’ has added oxide red powder with gray, brown and oxide red/brown grit,  Puntinato B’ is pure white base with gray, oxide red/brown coloured marble grit, meaning that the latter’s putty base is of a lighter colour (almost pure white) than the former’s.





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